Toddler play date in Dubai

I have always wanted to be a figure skater.  When I’m on the ice, everything disappears for that time – its me, my feet and the cold air against my skin. I love it. I started skating when I was 12, skated every week since then and joined classes 5 years later.  I’m not where I want to be and will definitely look into practising further.

When the opportunity presented itself to attend a session at the Dubai Ice Rink with my fellow mummy/lifestyle bloggers and their tots (aged 1-4years old), I just had to and even though I hadn’t skated in 2 years due to pregnancy, I immediately found my feet (or skates?). My tot has not started walking independently as yet so it wouldn’t have been a good idea for him to join. The other tots and mummy’s who were not used to the ice were given penguin-shaped skating aids to help them balance. The rink is an Olympic size with more than one coach available as you skate. If you are interested in taking private lessons from any level, these are also available (as below);

Ice Tots – Swirl on Ice is a weekly session where mums can skate with their tots in a safe and friendly environment every. 

We all had an amazing time and didn’t want to leave but we were very excited to visit Sega Rupublic and KidZania which were our next stop.

Sega Republic is a fun filled venue that includes arcade games, activities and a theme park – we experienced a few rides that were age appropriate for all our kids, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Conveniently located in the Dubai Mall – it’s a place for the whole family.

KidsZania was next on the agenda – this place left me in awe. Mini versions of most of the stores in Dubai! We were all fascinated by the level of detail in each store. Please plan your visit (via the website) as you will need a lot of time to explore.

We started at Fly Dubai, which is a simulated aircraft for kids aged 6years and above. Even though our kids were younger they had a great time exploring as passengers and cabin-crew.

KidZania provides a very realistic educational environment that allows kids between the ages of four to sixteen to role-play activities done by adults in real life. The philosophy behind this is that personal experience allows kids to manage their world. They develop a number of useful skills and their confidence grows. It also allows them to realize what each job entails from a very young age, which gives them direction for their future careers – wow!

The Dubai Ice Rink, Sega Republic and KidZania are all located in the Dubai Mall. As mentioned, plan your visit in advance.  Each place can take a few hours so its wise to space them out or plan to go over 2 days.

Have fun!

For more information please click the links as listed below: 

Dubai Ice Rink 

Sega Republic 



A huge thank you to the organisers for a great fun-filled day.

This post is not a sponsored post – all views and opinions are my own.


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