Toddler activities

I’ve been MIA for a while I apologise, between my constant server crashes (anyone else?) and baby classes in Dubai, I’ve been swamped!

Back to activities, its always a struggle to decide how to keep your kids occupied.

Having my first baby and being away from home has forced me to look at ways to occupy my toddler without relying on cousins or family members.

For me the real struggle is that Baby Z at 16 months is not a baby anymore but he is not yet a toddler.

Moving to Dubai has presented endless opportunities for Baby and I, although I miss the outdoors the most in South Africa. We will start to enjoy cooler weather very soon in Dubai, so I am looking forward to that.

So what are the activities that I’ve discovered:

In Dubai:

Toddler/Baby sensory: This is one of the first classes that I attended when moving to Dubai and as they were based at the Change Initiative (permanently closed now), I really enjoyed meeting other mums and baby Z loved the experience.  He never really took to Toddler sense as he would become exhausted very quickly so I hope to resume when he’s a little older.  Definitely recommended. Check them out at

PlayTown: Based in City Walk, PlayTown will provide endless entertainment to your littlies.  Recommended from age 2, there are different themed zones for both girls and boys, each play space is dedicated to education and the developmentt of social skills.  Live shows by Barney and Bob the Builder will keep them singing along and occupied.  This place is really worth the price as you will find yourself spending hours there.  Find out more here:

Baby Yoga: This form of yoga is more for mums to bond with baby by performing yoga with your baby in hand.  It sounds complex but it really is a great way to tone.  Yoga with young children is imaginative, playful and varies from very active to quietly meditative. Stories, games, books and songs are used to engage the child’s interest. Find out more here:

Baby Arabia: Children are more skilled at picking up languages compared to adults. This is a fun, interactive way for your tot to learn Arabic through play, stories and dance.  Find out more here:

My Little Painter: The belief is that every child has the potential to explore their creative side with their innate desire to explore their artistic side.  This class allows for your toddler to have free reign with the gentle guidance from the hands on teachers.

Kid clubs at hotels offer competitive rates, and while you sip your cocktail at the beach, leave the littlies in good hands. Most hotels offer this service, I’ve looked at Le Meridian Mina Sehayi,  Kids Paradise at the Hilton Jumeirah Hotel or Kids club at Fairmont, Ajman.

Most of the above activities are held at centres with soft play areas for the younger kids.

I am still looking for a swimming school in Dubai – suggestions welcomed.

In South Africa: 

While I haven’t had the opportunity to find classes in South Africa, I am sure that there are quite a few.

Baby Gym: this was the first course that I did with Baby Z and this taught me to perfect baby massage as well as the type of exercises, both mentally and physically I needed to practice on my then baby.  Find out more here




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