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Ever since I can remember I’ve struggled with brushing Zay’s teeth. He’s just one of those kids who refuse to brush his teeth.  Eventually I tried the miswaak https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miswak – and although it worked well, he hated it.  This resulted in frustration for both of us, and the beginning of tooth decay (at just 2 years old). We also had (have) the pacifier to contend with.  We needed serious intervention.

Dr Yasmin Kottait, Pediatric Dentist at My Pedia Clinic was our savior! After the initial consult, we were told that Zay’s teeth were decaying and we needed to do something as soon as possible before it got to a stage where we would have to remove them.  Dr Yasmin explained the dangers of sugar consumption and especially milk before bedtime without brushing.  In our case – Nesquick – something that Zay had grown addicted to before bedtime.

The strategy was simple – avoidance of sugar especially soft drinks and brushing regularly.  Zay needed cleaning and we needed to purchase an electric toothbrush for each of us.  I didn’t know that an electric toothbrush could be used by toddlers, this was the best decision we made.  We purchased the Oral B brand based on Dr Yasmin’s recommendation and offcourse it came branded in Zay’s favourite movie – Cars.  Win! After perserverance, Zay’s teeth are in a much better condition.

I was so impressed by Dr Yasmin, that I asked her to host a talk so other mums could benefit from the knowledge that I had gained. We decided to host the talk “Tooth be Told” at Just Kidding, Dubai where Dr Yasmin shared her insights into looking after toddler teeth. Here are some tips of what we learned:

1.     Show your kids that brushing can be fun, purchase an electric toothbrush for yourself as well and brush as a family.  This will make your toddler want to participate. Brush twice a day

2.     Fluoride in toothpaste is essential for healthy teeth and causes more good than harm

3.     Children can loose 5-10% of their weight with every cavity they add

Any tips/ suggestions that you have, please share in the comments section.

Just Kidding Dubai
From left: Dr Yasmin, Nazmira, Malak, Michelle

For further information go to Dr Yasmin Kottait.

Dr Yasmin can also be contacted at My Pedia Clinic for appointments.

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  1. It is a constant struggle in our house Nazmira! I’ll make a note of your tips – perhaps it’s time to invest in an electric toothbrush for the boys!

  2. It’s really a good practice to adopt a good toothbrush routine while they’re young! Now this reminds me to book our next dental appointment with the pedia. Thanks for sharing your practical tips 🙂

  3. Even in our home, my kids don’t like to brush their teeth. They said that toothpaste is a liquid chili, I don’t know where they get that. It is struggle for me because they do love to eat chocolates and yet they do not love brushing their teeth. I’ll buy electric toothbrush, it’s more appealing to kids than to other normal toothbrush

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