Shadow Shields in South Africa

When I first came across the “THE ULTIMATE MULTI-TASKING BEAUTY TOOL“, I had to have it.  As a makeup artist, I thought it would save me so much time perfecting the winged liner and there would be no fall-out.  After trying it out, I knew that Shadow Shields was a tool that not only makeup artists would benefit from but that everyone should try.


Shadow shields


So what are the Benefits:

  • Protects under eye area from eye shadow fallout
  • Creates a straight edge for shadow
  • Helps perfect the winged cat eye
  • Prevents messy mascara smudges
  • Aids in perfecting lipstick application
  • Self Adhesive
  • Eliminates Mess
  • Hands Free

How to: 




This is a definite must-have tool for everyones make-up kit, especially MUAs.

Shadow Shields can be purchased from me on order (South Africa only). 

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  1. naseera says: Reply

    Hello…. I’d jus like to know how much u selling the shadow shields for ?

    1. nazmira says: Reply

      They’re R200

  2. Lerato says: Reply

    Does it include delivery?

    1. nazmira says: Reply

      Yes it does Lerato 🙂

  3. Seymone says: Reply

    HI Nazmira, how do I order the product Shadowshields?

    1. nazmira says: Reply

      Hi Seymone please order from

  4. Kerry says: Reply

    Do you still sell these?

    1. nazmira says: Reply

      Hi Kerry you can try asI supply them

    2. nazmira says: Reply

      Please contact MuseSA

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