• Beauty
  • Kaleido Lips

    Huda Beauty Lip contours and Liquid Matte Lipsticks are the must-haves since they were launched this year. Huda Kattan is definitely a game changer in the industry and off course her lip (and eye-shadow) range are worth every cent. Bombshell and Trendsetter are the definite trends.  So what are the other trends when it comes […]

  • Baby
  • Level Kids

    Remember that toy store that you always wanted to live in as a child that had everything you ever wanted? This is it and so much more. Level Kids is what dreams are made of. Think fairytales and balloons, Gucci and Burberry kids, yes not just toys but three levels of a luxury kids world. […]

  • Baby
  • Toddler activities

    I’ve been MIA for a while I apologise, between my constant server crashes (anyone else?) and baby classes in Dubai, I’ve been swamped! Back to activities, its always a struggle to decide how to keep your kids occupied. Having my first baby and being away from home has forced me to look at ways to occupy […]

  • Baby
  • Tips for travelling with baby

    The first time I travelled with baby Zay was when he was 6 months old. I had to travel alone to Dubai as my husband was already working there at the time. It was extremely stressful to say the least! We have subsequently moved to Dubai and I have travelled alone with baby thrice already. […]

  • Baby
  • Bricks at BOXPARK

    Baby Zay and I attended the Lego pop-up shop in BOXPARK Dubai and had such fun. He enjoyed playing with Duplo (for his age group) and I had fun shopping at Typo and Urbanist. If you’re looking for something to keep your kids entertained, Bricks at BOXPARK is on until this Saturday, 20 August. Let the kids enjoy building […]

  • Baby
  • 5 new baby gift ideas that are unconventional

    With the amount that is available these days for baby, especially in Dubai, its hard to keep up with what to buy as a gift for a new mum.  Especially difficult when you don’t know the gender! I already know what the essentials are but what are the unconventional gifts that a new mum won’t get herself? A […]

  • Food Reviews
  • Food glorious food

    I’ve always had an appreciation for beautifully crafted food. Moving to Dubai has afforded me the opportunity to explore the culinary side which this city boasts.  Being halal, it is especially convenient to be able to dine just about anywhere (as opposed to Johannesburg), as all the meat here is halal.  In Dubai, I’ve realized that […]

  • Baby
  • Baby essentials

    What is really essential to have? Choosing items for your first child can be really confusing, should I get Nuby or Tommee Tippee? Nuk or Snookums? Huggies or Pampers? The list is endless. At the end of the day, these factors should determine your purchases: Is it a need or a want? Quality – is […]

  • Baby
  • About maternity bras

    Choosing the best maternity bra (which will assist in everyday wear even when you’re not breastfeeding) is essential. I never thought a good fitting bra would make such a huge difference to my body shape until I went to get professionally fitted.   It definitely made me look slimmer. Do this when you’re 3-4 months pregnant […]

  • Baby
  • Hospital bag 101

    I had Zay at a hospital in Johannesburg, he was 4 weeks prem and I had to deliver very unexpectedly, luckily my hospital bag was packed (at 30 weeks).   This list is based on a maternity ward at a private hospital in Joburg, South Africa. Packing your hospital bag doesn’t have to be a […]