Misk Nursery

Theres something about beautiful decor that just makes me feel calm.  Even though I am not as organised as I would like to be at home, I love walking into a place that is completely organised – and that’s precisely why I have an amazing helper thankfully. When she leaves my home, everything has its place – even my toddlers room is perfect again.

When Zay was born, I struggled with selecting a crib, one that has been in the family for years or a new one that had a modern design and also acrylic so I could see my baby?  I chose the latter but if the family “heirloom” had been anything like the Misk Nursery cribs, off course it would’ve been an easier decision. Creating a family heirloom that was traditional yet contemporary is what inspired founder Dr Dala Kakos to create Misk Nursery.

Inspired by gifts from her parents, a chiffonier adorned with mother of pearl,  Dr. Dala was inspired to launch her own company. “Mother of pearl has a ubiquity in traditional art and design in the Middle East and beyond, with many homes featuring at least one piece of mother of pearl furniture.” Dr. Dala’s crib concept was born from her own struggles when cot-hunting for her first child “Everything was plain white or brown and I was compromising on aesthetics due to the plainness. I wanted my child to have something more unique and beautiful, something colorful and artistic with a mix of modern and heritage design.” And so she and her team set to create traditional yet contemporary cribs to be used from first to last child, and to become family heirlooms.

Each piece is laser-cut by hand to ensure the finest finish, using chemical-free natural hardwood, imported mother of pearl and cutting-edge machinery.  The cribs are then adorned with calming designs in words, a feature signature to the brand. This exquisite calligraphy is written and designed by a London-based artist specializing in Arabic Calligraphy. How incredibly luxurious does that sound!


Breaking away from traditional box shapes, MISK cribs come with softer silhouettes, from the Embrace (with curved edges) to the Surround (an oval-shaped crib) as well as a mini-crib (akin to the bassinet’s half-moon.) Two different kinds of beech wood are offered: natural or French grey.

To consider:

There is an option of wheels or legs for the crib, which is so important for me as the crib may be moved around on wheels if needed, especially useful in those first few weeks when baby comes home and like me, stays in my room.
Three mattress height options accommodate your baby’s growth at different ages, this is so necessary especially if (you’re having to bend which you shouldn’t do after you’ve given birth) from new born to almost four years old. It adjusts easily into a toddler bed perfect for children when they are ready to get in and out of bed themselves.
Friends and family are invited to use the gift card option in order to help finance or completely cover a MISK crib, ideal for baby shower gifting.
The e-store is open 24/7, worldwide. There is also a showroom in Dubai, that can be visited by appointment.
The cribs take approximately two weeks to create if the design is already final, and the Embrace or Surround crib shape is being used. A bespoke design may take additional time as a new mould will need to be created. The collection changes its designs annually, and works with different artists for limited edition bedding sets every year as well.

For more  information visit: http://misknursery.com

Misk Nursery is available at Level Kids to view and purchase.


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