La vie est belle

Lancôme is writing a brand new chapter in the La vie est belle story. 

Lancome belle

La vie est belle [la vi e bEl] French expression (Life is beautiful) [1].Philosophy of life and happiness or universal declaration to the beauty of life. [2].  Exceptionally concentrated Absolu de Parfum, composed of the noblest natural ingredients. [3]. The quintessence of Lancome’s iconic First Tasty Iris, exclusively created by three of France’s leading perfumers.

JR lancome

L’Absolu de Parfum, the quintessence of the gourmand iris in an exceptional concentration.

Lancome belle2

The design of the  bottle is the new interpretation of the tasty iris. With all the sparkle of a jewel, it majestically reveals its precious cargo, “The crystal smile,” its vibrancy as if suspended at the heart of the glass. Its precious zamac cap, an accessory in its own right, resonates against the brilliant silver adorning the bottle’s shoulders, the metallic tulle of its symbolic twin wings of freedom and the scintillating threads of its ribbon. Lastly, this exceptional bottle’s shimmering metallic reflections magnify the carmine pink of this sublimely concentrated fragrance.

Lancome design

This fragrance makes you feel happy. It is the ultimate luxury of a concentrate of happiness.

The desire to prolong that feeling of plenitude. La vie est belle, that exquisite invitation to aspire to happiness, to fulfil yourself on a personal level, to savour life with gusto, is now inherent in a brand new olfactory composition. La vie est belle L’Absolu de Parfum brings out the fragrance’s very quintessence: more powerful, more sensual and as harmonious as ever.



40ml – RRSP 1,050.00



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