JackSparrow Make-up

The theme was nautical.

The client – an Art Director, who made his own costume and asked me to apply his makeup.

The challenge: Achieving a tanned look.




Step 1: After prepping the skin, apply foundation to achieve a sun-tanned look – Foundation: Kryolan cosmetics.

Step 2: Apply a darker shade of  foundation and powder on the corners of the nose and cheek bones to contour the face – Foundation and powder: Kryolan cosmetics


Step 3: Use a foundation blender/sponge to dab the foundation for a “dirty” look




Step 4: Apply black gel liner to the top and bottom of the eye and smudge  – Gel liner: MAC Cosmetics




Step 5: Darken the moustache and beard with black eyeshadow – Eyeshadow: MAC Cosmetics

Step 6: Draw the scar with lipstick – Lipstick: Kryolan Cosmetics




Step 7: Set the makeup – Prep and Prime and Fix spray, both from MAC Cosmetics

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