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Carlton Hair, Hyde Park hosted a trend workshop where David Gillson introduced us to everything from flamboyage to Tamara Dey sporting the “korean pop” style – pink streaks. The Barbie Honolulu trend was my favourite, where you can go from long to short hair using clips (see pics).

The new Davines Replumping hair filler super active got my attention.  Introduced as botox for the hair,  this product works.  Granted, I love trying new shampoos and I’m sold at anything that promises volume without the frizz- but this one I love!

Boyd Meilhon, whose experience as a master trainer and educator, amongst his other impressive credentials in the hair business – was my stylist and as I am keen on growing my hair, he encouraged me to do so.  I really like hair stylists who do not insist on following radical trends, this helped me trust the treatment that I opted to do.

The new setup at Carlton Hair, Hyde Park means that you get to have your treatment at the lie down basin and you don’t have to move until you’re ready for your hair cut.

Heres what you can expect:

Your stylist will complete the following steps:

Step 1: Replumping Shampoo

davines shampoo

Apply to scalp and damp hair and massage gently. Rinse out carefully and repeat application if needed.

The selected active ingredients give elasticity, moisturize and protect hair during cleansing. The creamy texture produces thick, rich foam.
It cleanses gently without altering hair structure.

Towel dry

Step 2: Replumping conditioner

davines conditioner


Wash hair with Replumping Shampoo, remove excess water and apply product to lengths and ends. Leave on for 2-3 minutes then comb through. Rinse out thoroughly. The selected active ingredients give moisture and protect hair.

Step 3: Replumpling hair filler superactive 


hair filler


This professional treatment, for salon use only, replumps and compacts hair structure.  Hair looks replumped and very shiny. 
Treatment lasts 6 to 8 shampoos.


Apply replumping shampoo and replumping conditioner; towel dry hair thoroughly and apply professional hair filler (approximately 25g all over hair). 
Leave in for 10 minutes, then rinse. Hair is ready for styling.
Hair filler can also be used under a source of moist heat, reducing processing time to 5 minutes. This also helps for better penetration of the product. 

This treatment can be done in salon every 3 months.

Step 4:  Replumpling hair filler super active leave-in

This no-rinse treatment replumps hair structure. It gives hair longer lasting hold and an excellent anti-humidity effect.


Apply Replumping Shampoo and Replumping Conditioner; towel dry hair thoroughly and spray Hair Filler on (approximately 3 g all over hair). Do not rinse out. Hair is ready for styling.

 My hair has never felt healthier and the complements I’ve received after.. well – is always a bonus!  


Boyd, Carlton Hair Hyde Park
Boyd Meilhon, Carlton Hair, Hyde Park

Has anyone else tried this treatment? Please share.

Tamara Dey "kpop"
Tamara Dey “kpop”


Barbie Honolulu trend
Barbie Honolulu trend



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  1. Abby says: Reply

    The re-plumping treatment seriously saved my hair! I adore it 🙂

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time

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