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I never thought that I could be so in love with one person until I met him. My life and soul. He is only 10 months old (one month prem) and has taught me so much about life, love and patience!

This is my first post since having baby Zay and moving countries! So much has happened since being off the blogging scene, from learning about strollers to baby carriers and it’s been a challenging but exciting time.

I’ve had so many questions regarding my recommendations on all things baby, so I thought I’ll start my first post with that. (As my baby was born in South Africa and I have since relocated to Dubai, my posts will have a mix of SA and Dubai stores).

First things first, back in SA, the Mama Magic Expo is being held from 12 May 2016 (coming up soon!), I highly suggest checking it out. You will be able to obtain your essentials (there’s some great specials!) and get an idea of what pram and other products you’re looking into purchasing. It’s easy to get lost in the new mum hype so choose carefully.

So how do you decide whats worth the splurge and whats just for fun? Research, research, research or you will definitely become an impulsive buyer because well – “its soooo cute”! 

My recommended products (some of the items are more expensive but highly recommended):

1. Snookums honey dummy

I started my son off with this pacifier as it was recommended by his paediatrician  and he cannot do without it – the Honey Dummy (R50) is made of soft natural latex rubber ensures more natural sucking.      

2. SoPure sterilisers

The SoPure range consists of natural and organic products. I love the Dummy (pacifier) Steriliser Spray,  Hand Santitizers and Mosquito Repellent Spray, (R110 for the set) but the range is quite extensive and includes so much more to keep your little one free from harmful toxins or nasty bites.

3. Stokke bath:

This foldable bath (yay! easy for storage and travel) is suitable from birth because of the insert that looks like a giant spoon 🙂 the Stokke bath (R699) is essential for feeling confident while bathing baby because  its basically non-slip. Can also be used until age 4.

4. Muslin receiver

The Baby Sense muslin receiver (R175) is perfect for summer and winter months, its super sized, made of 100% cotton and allows for natural airflow. Its so soft and washes very well.

5. Nursing shawl/cover

If you’re breastfeeding and want to be more discreet, you need to get the BiddyKins feeding cover (R160), its made of breathable cotton and so easy to use as it has an adjustable neck strap which ensures that you feel confident while feeding in public.

6. Angelcare nappy bin

You need to keep babys space hygienic and the air seal mechanism keeps the smell of dirty diapers where they belong -in the Angelcare bin (R299) its so convenient and the refill bags can be purchased at any major baby retailer.

7. Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie has been around for more than 50 years and babies love her because she’s  made from natural rubber. Sophie (R379) is non-toxic and will sooth sore teething gums. I purchased the smaller one as its easier to use for younger babies. 

8. Boba 4G carrier

I travelled to Turkey with my Boba 4G (R2,260) and managed the hours of walking without a stroller.  This carrier is a definite splurge as it is lightweight, breathable, has cool features like a bag holder on the strap and built in cap for sunny and winter days.

9. Mima moon high chair

I’m a huge fan of mima and this stylish chair for me is worth the spend, as it can be used from newborn as a lounger with an insert, and can recline completely. The Mima moon (price on request) can be converted into a junior chair later on. 

10. BabyZen yoyo

After having purchased (and very quickly regretted), another stroller, the BabyZen yoyo (price on request) is a dream. If you’re an avid traveller and you need a stroller that is lightweight, compact and easy to push around, this stroller is for you. I bought the stroller for 6+ months, it has an extra large storage compartment as well as a built in bag for all your essentials.  The best part is that you can take it on board an airplane!

Look out for my next post for detailed reviews of some of these products.

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  1. Nabeelah says: Reply

    Hi. Could u please tell me where u bought ur babyzen yoyo pram from?

    1. nazmira says: Reply

      Hi Nabeelah, I purchased it in Dubai, where are you based? Have a look at the Babyzen website (link in my post) to see the list of retailers.

  2. […] was amazing.   I then used the Boba carrier as he was getting too heavy. Refer to my previous post here for further info on the Boba – it is seriously the best and I will not travel without […]

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