Baby essentials

What is really essential to have? Choosing items for your first child can be really confusing, should I get Nuby or Tommee Tippee? Nuk or Snookums? Huggies or Pampers? The list is endless. At the end of the day, these factors should determine your purchases:

  1. Is it a need or a want?
  2. Quality – is it expensive because it’s a good brand or can you find something similar but more cost effective?
  3. Advice – tried and tested by other mums
  4. Is my child comfortable with it?

Please note that this is based on my personal experience and preferences, if you choose to make your own wipes that’s ok, if you choose not to get a monitor that is completely up to you.

See my suggestions below, in table format so that you may save it and access it when needed.

Any questions, drop me a mail.


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