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Choosing the best maternity bra (which will assist in everyday wear even when you’re not breastfeeding) is essential. I never thought a good fitting bra would make such a huge difference to my body shape until I went to get professionally fitted.



It definitely made me look slimmer. Do this when you’re 3-4 months pregnant and again when you’re towards the end of your pregnancy. It is an uncomfortable feeling for a mum-to-be when milk starts filling up, and learning how to breastfeed can be stressful but finding the right bra can make your life easier, make you feel more confident and allow you to feed with ease. 

Going for a professional fitting annually is very important especially after pregnancy when your body alters to accommodate your growing baby. 

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I went for a professional fitting to Pandora Bra Studio, Parkmore, Sandton and that’s where I discovered the brands specifically made to ‘support’ new mamas. Not only are the bras beautiful but they provide the right support as well. Most of the bras clip in the front and can be fitted with an extra sets of hooks on the band at the back. I loved the Rosa Faia and Anita range. These bras are pricier than departmental store ranges, however, for me it was most important to have underwear that feels comfortable and looks flattering (its worth the splurge) especially if you’re planning to breastfeed for a year or two.


You could purchase a variety of bras with or without the underwire as breast pads are essential in the beginning so sleeping with a maternity bra will be necessary. You definitely don’t want anything pressing against your skin or making you feel more uncomfortable. I was most comfortable with Pigeon and Avent breast pads, you don’t want to buy cheaper versions as you will need a breast pad that does not leak and does not produce cotton fibers after a while and sticks onto the bra. Remember changing your breast pads regularly is essential to prevent infection. If you’re happy to wash and wear try the Avent washable breast pads. 

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You will notice your bra size fluctuating once you start to lose the baby weight, at this point going for another fitting would be necessary. In Dubai, I tried Victoria’s Secret and the Demi range was the best fit for me. In SA, try La Senza.

Purchase maternity bras that will work well with your wardrobe and make you feel great!


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