5 new baby gift ideas that are unconventional

With the amount that is available these days for baby, especially in Dubai, its hard to keep up with what to buy as a gift for a new mum.  Especially difficult when you don’t know the gender!

I already know what the essentials are but what are the unconventional gifts that a new mum won’t get herself?

A course or class

This is something a new mother may want to do, but doesn’t have the time or money to get it herself. Gifting a course is definitely something anyone would appreciate and there are so many options: from swimming lessons to baby massage classes- take your pick!

Something for mama

When the little one arrives it becomes all about them and it’s sometimes easy to forget the one who’s trying to figure it all out: the mum. Gifting her something instead can be meaningful and definitely appreciated. Pretty pajamas or even as simple as a home cooked meal is top on my list!


This one may sound common, but it’s so underrated. I don’t think anyone gifted me a book when Zay was born, but I did purchase a few myself. It’s also calming for mummy and baby to curl up and read a book: little ones particularly enjoy books with lots of colours and different textures to see and feel.

A Professional PhotoShoot

Mothers are so occupied with trying to figure out their new life changes and all the added drama that comes with a baby and while I’m pretty sure every mum takes pictures on their phone of their new baby every single day, it’s great to receive a gift for a professional photoshoot for pictures that can be printed out and kept for life. Newborn shoots or even 6 months – 1 year shoots are absolutely special.  Contact my sister Rowena Saloojee https://secretsandstilettos.com if you’re interested in doing a professional photoshoot.

Zay shoot


An essentials hamper:

I received tons of adorable growers when Zay was born, and honestly you can never have enough of them, but I had to go out and buy extra vests, leggings, mittens and socks when he arrived because those are the “boring things”. A hamper of essential baby items (you get such cute ones nowadays) can sometimes be even more meaningful than an outfit and the new mum will be grateful for you when her baby ruins yet another vest.

This can be tailored to other essentials too: you can give an essentials feeding hamper for an older child, with things like a stick blender, baby food storage containers and this silicone bib that I use every single feed because it’s so much easier to wipe/wash in the sink and dry instead of washing fabric bibs all the time (that stain so badly too!)

Diaper Bag:

This is a such an essential item as its used everyday.  Look for one with compartments, built in coolers to make new mums life so much easier – she will be ever so grateful!



Braun Thermometer:

Such a basic item usually goes unnoticed but this will definitely come in handy especially for a new mum who is still learning about what to do for baby’s first fever.

Boba Carrier:

It does not have to be a Boba but this will be appreciated especially by a mum who travels.


What is the best gift you’ve received as a mother?

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